From the wilderness of Koberg Castle
8 July 1530

To my friend and honored, kind Lord:
Grace and Peace in Christ!
            Since you want to know if my seal is drawn correctly, I will write down cheerfully the first thoughts I have about my seal, which is a witness to my theology.
            First, there should be a black cross set in a heart, which should keep its natural color. This will remind me that faith in the Crucified saves us. Because: “If you believe in your heart, you will be justified.” Even though it is a black cross, which kills us and causes pain, yet it allows the heart to remain its natural color, it does not destroy the heart’s nature, that is, it does not kill the heart, but keeps it alive. Because “The just will live by faith” –but faith in the Crucified.
            Such a heart is set in center of a white rose to show that faith gives joy, comfort and peace. In other words, God places believers in a white, happy rose, where they have peace and joy, “not like the peace and joy the world gives. “So the rose should be white, not red, for white is the color of spirits and all angels.
            Such a rose is set in a sky-blue field, because such joy in the Spirit and its faith is the beginning of future joy in heaven. It is already here in part, and is grasped by hope, even though it has not been revealed.
            Around this field is a gold ring, because in heaven these blessings last forever and never end and are also more precious than every joy and good thing, just as gold is the highest and most precious metal.
            May Christ our dear Lord be with your spirit until life everlasting comes.

Signed Martin Luther